Agion Active


Agion Active is applied to textiles as a fabric finish, resulting in gear and apparel that protects against odor. Agion Active is an ideal fit for a range of demanding applications and environments, including sporting good products, home/commercial textiles and pet products. Agion Active stops odor and protects from even the toughest microbes, delivering unparalleled, long-lasting freshness.

Features of Agion Active


Powerful Dual-Action Odor Control

Agion Active combines our Agion Antimicrobial technology and Lava Odor Adsorber to create a powerful, complete odor control solution. This provides dual-action odor protection for your product, and defends from microbes, bacteria and sweat odors.


Regeneration Technology

After capturing odors, Agion Active releases odors during laundering. This allows it to regenerate and optimally protect your product in the long term.


Long-lasting Durability

Built to withstand the most challenging conditions, Agion Active delivers peak performance for the entire lifespan of your product  up to 50 home launderings!

The Agion Active™ Technology

Odor Absorbsion

Dual Technology

A dual-technology brings together an antimicrobial and odor adsorber to fight odor in two ways: (1) controlling bacteria-related odors and (2) controlling body-related odors. This results in maximum protection against odor for the treated garment.