Agion Active XL


Agion Active XL is the future of advanced, dual-action odor control. Building on the innovations of the first Agion Active technology, Agion Active XL provides excellent odor control performance in even the most challenging conditions for your product.


Features of Agion Active XL™

Man Climbing With Odor Control Clothes


Agion Active XL is built for the most challenging conditions and utilizes Lava XL, which is the only odor control solution that regenerates between launderings. This provides products with long-lasting, odor-free performance - unmatched by any other technology on the market.


Powerful Dual Technology

Agion Active XL combines the Agion Antimicrobial and Lava XL Odor Adsorber to create a comprehensive, long-lasting odor control solution, protecting your products from common odors caused by bacteria and sweat.

Advanced Triple-Action Odor Control

By utilizing our Lava XL technology, Agion Active XL goes beyond just adsorbing and capturing odors - it also degrades them. This allows the technology to perform optimally the long term, while also neutralizing odor-causing microbes.

Dual Agion Antimicrobial & Lava Technology

The Agion Active Technology

Odor Absorbsion

Dual Technology

Combined anti-odor and antimicrobial technologies provide the ultimate protection against odors for treated products. Ion exchanges in the Active XL technology protect products from bacteria-related odors and degrade odor molecules as they are captured.