Problem: Beer Line Contamination

Beer spoilage organisms colonize the inner surface of beer lines. The bacteria migrate through the lines to the bottling operations and taps, causing an off taste to the beer.

Solution: Beer Lines Treated with Agion® Antimicrobial

Agion® can be incorporated into the tubing during extrusion to inhibit the growth and migration of spoilage organisms on the surface of the beer lines. 

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  • Registered for indirect food contact by the EPA and FDA
  • NSF 51
  • NSF list of non-food compounds
  • EFSA – European Food Safety Authority
  • Article 95 listing under the BPR for product type 4 (food and feed areas)

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Agion Antimicrobial

Antimicrobial technology is used in various products to help keep them clean. It offers built-in product protection by continuously resisting the growth of microbes.