Drinking Water


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The most fundamental need of the human body is water, which is why it is critical to keep the systems that deliver this water, clean. How we get that water cleanly can vary. Intricate water delivery systems, with complex filtration requirements, are used around the world. Unfortunately, these systems can be breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and mildew growth largely due to the presence of nutrients, surfaces and moist environments.


It’s impractical to clean all of the parts in a water delivery system; however, microbe growth on the water filter media can cause problems such as reduced flow, poor filtration and undesired tastes. Cleaning delivery systems without taking them apart causes a great number of challenges for users.


Antimicrobial technology provides a built-in and controlled delivery system, which resists the microbe growth on component surfaces. This provides long-lasting product protection, keeping products clean for longer periods of time than other cleaning solutions. Better yet, a clean delivery system preserves the natural taste of the water for the consumer.



  • Registered for indirect food contact by the EPA and FDA
  • NSF 51
  • NSF list of non-food compounds
  • EFSA – European Food Safety Authority
  • Article 95 listing under the BPR for product type 4 (food and feed areas)

Water Products


Agion Antimicrobial

Antimicrobial technology is used in various products to help keep them clean. It offers built-in product protection by continuously resisting the growth of microbes.

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