Antimicrobial Solutions for Wound Care

Wound Care

Wound Care WrapOpen wounds cause a break in the skin barrier that can result in infections to underlying tissue.  Wounds typically have microorganisms present due to normal skin flora or the introduction of microbes from the injury. Under the right circumstances, these microorganisms can cause infection. If an infection does occur, a wound fails to heal, the patient suffers increased trauma, treatment costs rise, and general wound management practices become more resource demanding.

When wound care products, such as dressings and absorbents, come into contact with colonized open wounds, it’s important for these dressings to be protected against the microorganisms that are present so they do not become a future source of wound contamination and possible infection.

Agion® Antimicrobial can be applied to a variety of wound care product designs.  It can be incorporated directly into the fibers used to make woven and non-woven dressings.  They can also be incorporated into foams and absorbent materials.  Sciessent offers multiple Agion® formulations that include the use of silver, zinc and copper to best meet your product development requirements.  The use of metal ions to fight the growth of these microorganisms does not contribute to the growing resistance to antibiotics. In fact, Agion has been shown in laboratory studies to be highly effective against the most concerning antibiotic resistant organisms.

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The Agion® Antimicrobial is presently registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a preservative and bacteriostatic agent for use in treated articles under 40 CFR 152.25a. The information presented herein is not intended to support or endorse public health claims for treated articles. The Agion Antimicrobial is also used in medical devices under the Food and Drug Administration in the US; those medical device claims are based on safety and efficacy testing and are limited to those approved by FDA. In the EU, the Agion Antimicrobial is used in medical devices under the Medical Device Directive: those medical device claims are based on safety and efficacy testing and are limited to those approved by the designated Competent Authorities and/or Notified Bodies.


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Agion's antimicrobial technology keeps products clean and extends product lifespans using silver and copper. The technology behind Agion continuously resists microbe growth and provides products with built-in protection. Agion Antimicrobial can be applied to virtually any material or surface.