Odor Control & Water Repellent Solutions for Hunting

Hunting Overview

Hunting.pngThere are many things hunters take into account when in the field such as the camo pattern they are wearing, and even the direction the wind is blowing. Why is the wind important? The simple answer is scent. When hunting it is critical to mask your scent to help disguise you.


Scent can easily be detected by animals, such as deer. A deer’s sense of smell is acute, that even a slight change in the direction of the breeze can get a hunter detected and scare the prey away. Controlling the detection of your scent is critical to any successful hunt.


Our Agion Active XL has quickly become the most trusted odor control technology in the hunting industry. This dual-action technology is ideal for baselayers. Agion Active XL is the combination of an antimicrobial and odor adsorber. The antimicrobial controls the growth off odor causing microbes, while the adsorber captures odors preventing them from passing through your garment.

One step further, Agion Active XL is the only scent control technology that can self-regenerate. What does this mean? It means that the technology breaks down the odor compounds it captures and regenerates the capacity to capture more odor compounds, without washing the garment. In simple terms, it keeps your hunting gear fresh for an extended period of time, so you can hunt with lasting scent control.

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Products For Hunting Apparel


Agion Antimicrobial

Antimicrobial technology is used in various products to help keep them clean. It offers built-in product protection by continuously resisting the growth of microbes.

Anti Microbial

Agion Active XL

Combined anti-odor and antimicrobial technologies provide the ultimate protection against odors for treated products. Ion exchanges in the Active XL technology protect products from bacteria-related odors and degrade odor molecules as they are captured.


Lava XL

Anti-odor technology harnesses the power of zeolites – a mineral based substance born from volcanic ash – to capture odor molecules and keep you smelling fresh.


Curb DWR

A durable water repellent (DWR) is a functional finish for fabrics that adds liquid-shedding properties. Garments treated with a DWR bead water droplets, causing them to roll off the surface of the fabric.