Dual Technology


By combining an antimicrobial and odor adsorber solutions, our dual-technology fights odor in two ways: (1) by controlling bacteria-related odors, and (2) by controlling body-related odors. This results in maximum protection against odor for treated garments.

How it Works

The Antimicrobial is a “smart” technology that incorporates silver and copper in a zeolite carrier. As the Antimicrobial’s ions exchange with other ions from moisture in the surrounding environment, the antimicrobial properties are released quickly to protect against bacteria-related odor.

Anti-odor technology uses a zeolite carrier as well, but in a different way. The carrier’s high surface area allows it to adsorb and capture odor molecules from the body, which are then released from products during laundering. Next-generation anti-odor technology also  degrades odor molecules as they are captured. This allows for self-regeneration without the need for laundering. 

What This Means

As perspiration builds on your skin, it can transfer onto your garment; this perspiration then serves as a food source for bacteria. With bacteria comes odor. Antimicrobial technologies neutralize the microbes in the bacteria, as well as the odors they produce. The odor molecules found in the vapors that bodies naturally produce are then adsorbed and captured by anti-odor technology. This provide dual protection against odors in treated garments.


Dual Technology Products
Odor Absorbsion

Agion Active

Agion Active is applied to textiles as a fabric finish, resulting in gear and apparel that protects against odor. Agion Active is an ideal fit for a range of demanding applications and environments, including sporting good products, home/commercial textiles and pet products. Agion Active stops odor and protects from even the toughest microbes, delivering unparalleled, long-lasting freshness.

Odor Absorbsion

Agion Active XL

Agion Active XL is a next-generation odor control finish applied to various textiles. Agion Active XL utilizes Agion Antimicrobial and Sciessent Lava XL to control effectively control odors.