What are the benefits of antimicrobial technology for drinking water?

Posted by Administrator on Aug 8, 2016 11:34:57 PM

As antimicrobial technology has made a notable impact in the potable water market. Quality water is becoming increasingly critical across the world, and keeping the systems that deliver that water clean is as important as ever. From filtration systems & ice machines to water dispensers & faucets, adding antimicrobial technology can provide a wide range of benefits.

Benefits of Agion Antimicrobial Technology in Water

Improved Appearance:  Applications such as faucets, water dispensers and ice machines are vulnerable to bacteria and microbe growth. Antimicrobial technology helps fight the growth of these microbes resulting in a cleaner delivery system.

Water Quality: When bacteria and microbes are present in water delivery systems, they can become present in the water itself and result in poor tasting water. Systems treated with antimicrobials can help to fight this and results in better tasting water.

Less Upkeep: Antimicrobial technology is designed to fight microbes in water delivery systems. These systems can be difficult to cleaner. Having this technology built-in to the systems allows for less frequent cleaning and less down time.

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