What are the benefits of antimicrobial technology for Textiles?

Posted by Administrator on Aug 8, 2016 11:50:58 PM

As antimicrobial technology becomes more and more popular throughout textile and fabric industries throughout the world, Sciessent is trying to do our best by educating the consumer. A lot of consumers don’t know exactly what antimicrobial technology is, but they are thrilled when they hear about its benefits. From outdoor gear, sporting goods, footwear and socks to towels, carpets and linens, antimicrobial technology has an outstanding number of pros.

Benefits of Agion® Antimicrobial Technology in Textiles

  • Stays Clean Longer: Antimicrobial technology adds a defense mechanism to textiles which helps them fight against odor-causing bacteria. This makes your product stay fresher longer so you can wear it with confidence.
  • Less Washes: Products treated with antimicrobial technology stays cleaner, longer resulting in a less frequent need to wash it. If your towel stays cleaner for a longer period of time, you don’t have to wash it as often.
  • Keeps Your Product Smelling Better: It happens to all of us, when you start getting active you sweat. When you sweat the bacteria on your skin consumes the nutrients in your sweat and breaks it down, producing odor.By wearing a product treated with Agion®, it works to resist the growth of that bacteria, keep it smelling fresh.
  • Longer Product Life: Repeated washed of a textile product begins to degrade the product. When you have to launder that product less because it is treated with an antimicrobial, you extend the life of the product.

For more information on Antimicrobial Technology and Sciessent products, please feel free to give us a call at 781-224-7100.

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