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The Need for Broader Infection-Control Strategies

Posted by Administrator on Sep 21 2015

Why is the healthcare industry nowhere close to having a zero rate for HAIs? While people have spent countless pages discussing the issue, I can break it down for you in five words: Not complying with HAI guidelines.

Less than 40 percent of U.S. hospitals are in full compliance with HAI guidelines. Even with something as simple as hand hygiene, only 40 percent of healthcare personnel are regularly adhering to this – which leaves a whopping 60 percent who are not. Of course, HAI guidelines are much broader than just hand washing. Insufficient infection-control infrastructures in non-acute care settings have also allowed for major lapses.

Today, in order to significantly reduce HAIs and combat the increased threat of antibiotic-resistance bacteria, many healthcare organizations are adopting broader, more vigilant infection-control strategies that include following guidelines, changing staff behavior and adopting antimicrobial-treated medical devices and surfaces.