Sciessent Presents at The AATCC Conference On Odor Control

September 25, 2015

Sciessent was pleased to have the opportunity to present at the AATCC Antimicrobial & Odor Control: Marketing and Technology Advancements held in Triangle Park, NC.  With many suppliers focusing around antimicrobials being the best means for odor control in textiles, Sciessent presented the topic of Dual-Technology: The Key To Effective Odor Control In Textiles.

While antimicrobials can work to control odor caused by bacteria, what about the odor vapors that come off your body? The presentation given by Steve Cunningham, Director of Marketing for Sciessent, focused around the Agion Active Advanced Odor Control. This solution combines the Agion Antimicrobial and the Sciessent Lava Odor Adsorber to form a complete odor control solutions.

This combination fights odors caused by bacterial, as well as odor vapors coming off the body. Brands in need of complete odor control are seeing this as the most effective way to control odor on a wide array of apparel and textile applications. From hunting gear to athleisure wear, effective odor control is important. Understanding the various solutions that can be used and how the fight odor is critical to selecting the optimal odor control for your product.