7 Questions Every Apparel Brand Should Ask When Considering Odor Control For Their Product

November 4, 2015

Demand for odor control in textiles and apparel continues to grow at the consumer level. There are many questions a brand needs to ask when considering odor control for their product. One fundamental question to ask is What type of functionality am I looking for? It seems like a simple question, but often times is not asked enough.

Antimicrobial or Odor Absorber?

Depending on your application, and its use, you may need either an antimicrobial, or an odor absorber. If you are looking to control the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the fabric, then you are looking for an antimicrobial. If you are looking to trap and immobilize body odors from the skin, an odor absorber would be the ideal solution.

Often an antimicrobial can be thought of as an ideal anti-odor solution. However, once you understand how odor is generated, you realize that an antimicrobial alone is not enough. Antimicrobials and anti-odor solutions each have their own test methods. Passing one, does not mean you will pass the other.


Those looking for the highest level of performance would want to address odor coming from the skin and bacteria growth on the fabric. This is accomplished by combining the odor absorber with the antimicrobial for a dual-functioning finish with the maximum level of odor control performance.

This type of performance is needed in markets such as Hunting where scent control is critical. Many hunting brands rely on this complete odor control technology to ensure that their customers are getting the best technology on the market to help them perform. Of course, this technology adds value to any type of apparel in need of complete odor control such as activewear, altheisure, undergarments, etc.

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