Evaluating and Choosing Odor Control for Apparel

March 8, 2016

As odor control in textiles and apparel continues to gain steam, more and more brands are looking to understand how to best evaluate and choose the right technology. With a few different options on the market, there are a few steps that we suggest taking before looking at different technologies.

The process starts with understanding how odor is generated. By understanding the main sources of odor, you can better define what type of solution you are in need of. Next, take some time and consider a few questions before starting the process. This will help define the scope of your development project.

When defining the scope of the project, your development team needs to determine what test methods are best to accurately evaluate an odor control technology. From there you can gather information on the odor control products available and arrange for sample fabric to be treated and tested.

Some of the test methods available are the ISO 17299-3, odor panel, the Sciessent GC test and internal wear trials. Our latest article will take a look at these different test methods and how they help you evaluate the technology. Even if you already have an internal test method, there may be ways to improve it.

After reading this article you will have greater awareness of the various methods and help you determine what method is best for your brand and product lines. The demand for odor control is growing, and it is important to work with a partner that has a deep understanding of these test methods and can help you find the optimal solution to meet your goals.

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