Cosmetal Chooses Sciessent/Agion to Protect Water Coolers from Microbial Growth

March 26, 2013

Cosmetal Chooses Sciessent/Agion to Protect Water Coolers from Microbial Growth

Wakefield, MA., March 25, 2013 –Sciessent, creators of the Agion brand of antimicrobial and odor management technology, have collaborated with the Italian water cooler manufacturer Cosmetal to create a cutting edge brand of hygienic cooler. By incorporating Agion into Cosmetal’s coolers, Cosmetal has created a new breed of water cooler that offers top-of-the-line antimicrobial protection.

Cosmetal is an industry leader in bottled and point-of-use water coolers. Their reliable RIVER series, classic design RIO POU, advanced CONNECT and AQUALITY models, home-based H2OMY designs, simpler NIVES, compact J-CLASS, robust and professional NIAGRA, and bottled-water RIO and AVANT coolers give consumers a wide range of products to choose from in order to meet the water drinking needs of their office, school, home, restaurant, or any other location. With a focus on industry-leading technological advancements in their cooling/heating systems, carbonation, electronic control, and now, adding antimicrobial protection through Agion to their hygienic, self-sanitizing technology, Cosmetal provides Europe, the United States and North Africa with the drinking water solutions they require.

Paul Ford, Sciessent’s CEO, detailed this collaboration, saying, “Sciessent is pleased to be working with the well-established Cosmetal in order to provide a new kind of water cooler that is cleaner for employees and the companies that use them. Continuing to expand into a European market, Agion has proven itself once again to be a unique antimicrobial in a class all by itself.”

The President of Cosmetal explained his company’s satisfaction by teaming up with Sciessent, stating, “Cosmetal is very pleased to be working with Sciessent and especially happy to be adding Agion and its antimicrobial protection to our coolers. By staying on the technological forefront of our industry, Cosmetal proves again that its high standards for hygiene will continue to meet, and surpass, industry standards.”

About Sciessent

Sciessent, located in Wakefield, Mass., is a leader in providing customized solutions that enhance the value of partners’ products. Sciessent’s Agion, Agion Active and Sciessent Lava brands are based on beneficial elements and have been incorporated into a wide range of consumer, industrial and health care products, including cell phones, shoes, keyboards, water filters, medical catheters and ice machines. Sciessent’s customers include many leading brands such as Dell, Motorola, Columbia, Adidas, PPG, Carrier and DuPont.

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About Cosmetal

Operating out of Italy, Cosmetal has over 30 years of experience in production and innovative solutions for providing and delivering drinking water through their industrial bottled and point of use coolers. Cosmetal’s coolers also boast the most models available in the industry whether it is for the home, office, public places, professional studios and firms, schools, canteens, restaurants, bars, etc. Through its technological understanding of cooling/heating systems, carbonation, hygiene and electronic control, Cosmetal has proven itself as a global industry leader in Europe, the United States, and North Africa.

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