Marketing Odor Control In Your Products

December 15, 2015

Recently, we wrote about the 7 Questions Every Apparel Brand Should Ask When Considering Odor Control For Their Product. One important driver for incorporating an odor control solution can be marketing. More and more brands are competing to have differentiated products versus their competition in the marketplace. These differentiations usually translate into marketing claims to drive sales.

When considering odor control for your product, one of the first questions to ask first is what level of performance and marketing is required for the application(s)? Whether your odor control is achieving a high wash home laundering spec, or whether it is a unique combination of an antimicrobial and odor absorber, you want to build a marketing campaign around it. Identify the performance and competitive advantage this technology brings to your product.

Next, consider utilizing the partner who is supplying you with the odor control technology. They know the ins and outs of the product and how best to market it. One step further, using their brand name in the marketing of the technology can bring a significant amount of credibility to the product in the eyes of the consumer.

Many times, this comes in the form of hangtags supplied by the partner to the brand. The hangtag is a great customer-facing promotion of the technology. By using a partner-supplied hangtag, you are telling your customers that you went to the experts to find the best odor control solution to meet their performance needs and wants. We’ve developed hangtags for each of our products to ensure our partners are well equipped to market the benefits of the technology.

There are many other forms of marketing that you can collaborate on to maximize your promotion of the technology such as PR, tradeshows, etc. The key is to talk to your supplier, explore what opportunities can come out of branding with them. When you brand with a partner, you gain more exposure because they promote your product through their network and PR sources.

Explore the 7 questions every apparel brand should ask when considering odor control for their products.