Mark’s Chooses Agion Active to Deliver Odor Elimination Benefits

May 7, 2013

Mark’s Chooses Agion Active to Deliver Odor Elimination Benefits

Wakefield, MASS., May 6, 2013 Sciessent, makers of the Agion Active® brand of odor elimination technology, partners with Mark’s, a leading Canadian apparel retailer. Agion Active odor elimination technology will be introduced into select product lines starting spring 2013.

Agion Active represents the next generation of superior odor control for apparel. Agion Active is a dual-action technology that not only provides antimicrobial product protection and industrial-strength odor elimination but also eliminates odors on and around the fabric. An antimicrobial technology based on elemental ions and other naturally occurring elements, stops the spread of odor-causing bacteria on the fabric while a proprietary odor-trapping solution captures molecules from ambient odors. Agion Active regenerates with each wash/dry cycle so it’s always ready to perform, delivering unparalleled, long lasting freshness.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Mark’s,” said Paul Ford, chief executive officer of Sciessent. “We are pleased that our Agion Active technology for apparel can now be delivered by one of the most reputable and respected brands in the Canadian apparel market.”

“Our partnership with Sciessent enables us to add a new level of technical performance to the practical comfort people have grown to appreciate when wearing Mark’s products,” said Iain Summers, VP of Product Innovation, Industrial and Footwear at Mark’s. “By adding Agion Active odor elimination technology to our products we are able to deliver an extra level of confidence that comes with feeling fresh.”

About Sciessent Sciessent, located in Wakefield, Mass., is a leader in providing customized solutions that enhance the value of partners’ products. Sciessent’s Agion, Agion Active and Sciessent Lava brands are based on beneficial elements and have been incorporated into a wide range of consumer, industrial and healthcare products, including cell phones, shoes, keyboards, water filters, medical catheters and ice machines. Sciessent’s customers include many leading brands such as Dell, Motorola, Columbia, Adidas, PPG, Carrier and DuPont.

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