The ONE Word That Will Make All the Difference in Your Advertising Campaigns

May 12, 2016

When you were a teenager, the word responsible was not a compliment.

And if you were an outerwear or clothing brand, the word responsible wouldn’t have meant much to your consumer base, either.

In fact, it wasn’t until the past decade that the use of the word responsible in the marketing of a product or brand had any effect on profits at all.

But boy does it now.

A recent study from the National Marketing Institute shows that 55% of online consumers worldwide are willing to shell out more dough to buy from brands that have a proven commitment to the environment.

Consumers are speaking loud and clear about the kind of social conscience they look for in their brands and companies are responding. That’s why you see global brands like H&M launching entirely new lines like H&M Conscious to appeal to a greener crow.

And it’s the same reason clothing megabrand Tommy Hilfiger just launched a line of clothes specifically designed for children with a physical handicap.

In the apparel industry of the 21st Century, it would seem the words responsible and profitable go hand in hand.

So, wherever you and your brand stand on the responsibility index today, we wanted to get some information into your hands that will help you decide just what steps your company can take in the coming year to build your responsibility profile in the eyes of the people who matter the most your consumers.

We’ve researched customer shopping habits (for outerwear and leisure wear) and we’ve analyzed the best technology trends companies are using to reduce their own carbon footprints.

Then we used those findings to create a new special report titled Four Things You Need to Know About DWR.