Agion Antimicrobial Delivers Protection to the Jack Daniel Cooperage

May 16, 2018

Wakefield, MA — (May 16, 2018) When the Jack Daniel Cooperage in Trinity, AL was in need of protecting their duct work, they turned to the Silver Bullet AM coating provided by Bio Shield Tech LLC, which utilizes Agion® Antimicrobial. Silver Bullet AM is a water-based epoxy coating that is applied to the duct work to provide durable antimicrobial protection.

Agion® is an EPA registered silver-based zeolite antimicrobial technology used in coatings, medical devices, textiles and water filtration. When Silver Bullet is applied, it resists the growth of bacteria on the treat surface. This was an important feature for the $60 million dollar Jack Daniel Cooperage facility. The facility produces handmade white oak barrels that are used for maturing whiskey and giving Jack Daniel’s its unique flavor.

Antimicrobial protected coatings are in increasing demand. Jeff Drucker, CEO of Bio Shield Tech LLC explains further, “With current green initiatives and concerns over indoor air quality, there is no better time to include antimicrobial protected coatings in new HVAC systems. At Bio Shield Tech, we stand for providing you with the safest, EPA-registered antimicrobial technology available.”

Sciessent, LLC: Protection, cleanliness, and comfort are Sciessent’s guiding principles. As a leading global provider of environmentally responsible products, Sciessent aims to produce brands that are beneficial to consumers and enhance people’s lives. The company develops new generations of safe, sustainable solutions through creative and continuous innovation.

Bio Shield Tech, LLC: Offering a complete line of the finest antimicrobial technology available, Bio Shield Tech is proud to provide cost effective treatments that are safely used in such environments including: schools, medical facilities, food processing plants, office buildings, prisons, airports and more.

Being the number one provider of infection control products and solutions nationwide, Bio Shield Tech commits to providing the best long-lasting antimicrobial control agents required to meet the varied needs of any environment.

Understanding current antimicrobial technologies and knowing how to choose the right antimicrobial protection, test equipment, cleaners and solutions for our clients is what we do best!