Mapes & Sprowl Steel Experiences a 78% Increase in Sales of Agion Antimicrobial Treated HVAC Equipment and Duct Work

February 16, 2013

Mapes & Sprowl Steel Experiences a 78% Increase in Sales of Agion Antimicrobial Treated HVAC Equipment and Duct Work

Agion antimicrobial treated duct work is continuously demanded by top healthcare facilities, and schools

Wakefield, MASS., January 15,2013 –Sciessent, makers of Agion® brand antimicrobial continues to grow its relationship withMapes & Sprowl Steel, the leader in improving quality and technology for the Agion Antimicrobial “mill applied” treated steel industry, as demand for treated HVAC duct work steadily increases. When applied to Mapes & Sprowl steel, Agion antimicrobial suppresses the growth of bacteria, molds, fungi and other microbes. Due to its proven efficacy, hospitals and schools are selecting the treated duct work to provide an extra measure of product protection in both new construction and retrofit projects.

Agion branded antimicrobial technology is based on elemental ions and makes products cleaner and longer lasting by providing built-in protection against microbes. Unlike other antimicrobial technologies that can wear away, Agion’s antimicrobial solution provides continuous product protection against microbes for the useful life of the product

“We are pleased to see a dramatic and steady increase in the demand of our Agion treated steel,” said Tom Ganzer, director Agion sales for Mapes & Sprowl Steel. “Top healthcare facilities and schools across the nation realize the importance of incorporating antimicrobial protection to control the growth of odor causing bacteria and damaging fungus throughout their facilities, and we are proud to offer a solution that makes it possible for duct work, with mill applied Agion antimicrobial treated material”.

“We are excited to grow our partnership with Mapes and Sprowl Steel to prove again how effective and versatile our Agion antimicrobial can be, especially when applied by such expert partners,” said Paul Ford, CEO of Sciessent.

Mapes & Sprowl’s Agion treated steels can be formed, bent or drawn using conventional fabricating methods. Coated steels may also be welded and the surface coating can be repaired. In addition to HVAC equipment, such versatility makes the coated steel ideal for construction, food processing, food equipment and medical markets, wherever an extra measure of protection against odor causing microbes is desired.

About Sciessent

Sciessent, located in Wakefield, Mass., is a leader in providing customized solutions that enhance the value of partners’ products. Sciessent’s Agion, Agion Active and Sciessent Lava brands are based on beneficial elements and have been incorporated into a wide range of consumer, industrial and healthcare products, including cell phones, shoes, keyboards, water filters, medical catheters and ice machines. Sciessent’s customers include many leading brands such as Dell, Motorola, Columbia, Adidas, PPG, Carrier and DuPont.

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About Mapes & Sprowl Steel

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