The Importance of How Apparel Retailers Market to their Customers

August 9, 2016

Good marketing puts your apparel retail business on the map. Without it, your business is dead in the water.

Marketing Overload

People are bombarded with marketing every day. It is everywhere we go. It’s on the internet, television, billboards, radio, magazines and newspapers. It is on the bulletin board of our favorite coffee shop. How the marketing is done will make all the difference in whether or not people even notice it, let alone actually look at it closely to see if it is something we are interested in.

Marketing Strategy

Because people are constantly bombarded with marketing, we tend to tune it out. It is everywhere we go, so we don’t pay attention to it. The trick to good marketing for apparel retailers is standing out. You need to find a way to separate your business from the rest.

Good marketing isn’t only about being the loudest or being flashier than the other guy. It requires more finesse than that. Images speak volumes, and I don’t mean just what your models look like or the color of the sweater in the picture. It’s about presentation. Good marketing puts people at ease, makes them believe that lots of people have bought the product and are happy they did.

Timing is Integral

You’ve got only a very brief amount of time to catch the potential customer’s attention and convince them that your product is what they need. Sometimes you may have a little more time if lines are long but more often than not, you have mere seconds to catch the customer’s attention and make them want more.

Good apparel marketing gets the pertinent information out into the public eye at a glance because often times that is all you get. The goal is to get the double-take. Make them stop for a few more seconds to take a closer look.

You also need to time your marketing to get your product in front of potential customers when they have time to pay attention. If the customer sees your product for a few seconds the first time, it has gotten their attention. You then need to follow up. That’s when you get the Oh, yea, I noticed that earlier and hopefully the customer has a few more minutes to look more closely.

We took a look at how technology in apparel can add to the differentiation of a brand and their marketing.

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