A Seamless Transition

38 Suppliers to Qualify. 60 Days to Get it Done. 0 Days Late.

After having a top 5 US apparel brand decide to switch from our competitor’s technology to ours, we were tasked with what most companies would see as an impossible challenge. Our new customer identified 38 critical vendors in their supply chain that needed to be qualified to run our technology within 60 days.

To qualify them, a Sciessent employee goes to the mill for a mill trial to ensure the mill understands how to run the chemistry. The fabric is then sent to our lab (or a 3rd party lab) for testing to confirm performance. Next that same Sciessent technician goes back to the mill for the first production run, and we again test the fabric to confirm performance. After passing results, the vendor is qualified.

Our team worked tirelessly to achieve this goal for our new customer. It involved 38 vendors in multiple countries getting qualified, and it wasn’t just the work in the field. Our lab technician processed hundreds of samples, sometimes during off-hours, to make sure that the goal was met.

At the 60 day mark we had gotten it done! The critical vendors were converted seamlessly, and our customer didn’t have to do a thing! Once we were introduced to the vendors by our customers, we handled the process from there so they could focus on other important things.

To date, we have qualified a total of 78 vendors for this customer globally. Our competitors see that as a hassle, we see it as our priority and commitment to our customers.