We provide antimicrobial protection for everything from humidifiers to ice machines to filtration systems and beyond, because there’s nothing more important than delivering clean water to customers.

Delivering Truly Fresh Water

Let’s face it, it’s impractical to clean all of the parts in a water delivery system; however, systems can be breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and mildew growth, largely due to the presence of nutrients and moisture.

Discover how Sciessent’s Agion Antimicrobial technology provides a built-in and controlled delivery system, which resists the microbial growth on component surfaces. This provides long-lasting product protection, and better yet, preserves the natural taste of the water for the consumer.

“Agion Antimicrobial has long been the leading antimicrobial technology in the drinking water market. Not only does it deliver outstanding performance, it is also backed by a knowledgeable technical support team that has provided amazing service to us since day one.”

- Leading Water Filter Manufacturer

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Navigating the FDA? We Can Help

Agion Antimicrobial incorporates the power of copper and silver in a zeolite carrier, which can then be integrated into a broad spectrum of water related products. Not only does Agion help products resist microbial growth, but it is also fully supported by the Sciessent team, who can help you through the FDA process and bring your product to market.

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Leading Water Applications

Explore the wide array of common water applications and how we can provide a layer of antimicrobial protection to your product.


Looking for the technical details? Download our product sheet to learn more about Sciessent’s Agion antimicrobial technology and how it can add superior protection to your product.


We Protect More than Water

From textiles and apparel to surfaces to medical devices, discover how Sciessent’s customized solutions can protect your products.

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Customer Experience Guarantee

We guarantee our global support team will provide unrivaled technical and customer support at every level of your organization, ensuring a worry-free transition. It’s not customer service, it’s a customer experience.

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We Need Help in Central America!

We received a late night phone call from a customer in Central America who was experiencing a production issue, and although it was immediately clear it was not an issue with our technology, we still wanted to help in any way we could! So what did we do? We immediately jumped on a plane traveling overseas at our own expense to help solve the problem.

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