We Need Help in Central America

A Late Night Phone Call. A Next Day Flight. An Amazing Customer Experience.

It was the middle of the night in California and our VP of Technology Transfer received a call from one of our customers. They had an issue in one of their production facilities in Central America, and no one at the facility could figure out the problem. All our customer knew was that production was halted and it was costing them money.

When we asked some basic questions, it was immediately evident that the issue was not related to our technology, but our VP has 30+ years in the industry, and they value his opinion. So what did he do? He got on a plane and traveled to the production facility to help in any way he could.

There was some build up in one of their machines, and we worked through all the possible causes with their production crew. Our VP recommended running some tests in their lab on one of the softener components they receive from another supplier. The tests revealed that the softener was prone to build up and our customer had no idea!

We spoke with the manufacturer of the softener alongside our customer and it turns out that this was indeed the cause of the production shutdown. The supplier sent a different softener over so production could start up again and everything ran smoothly.

When is the last time you had one of your suppliers fly overseas at their own expense to help you solve a different supplier’s problem?