From reusable and implantable medical devices to medical tubing, textiles and beyond, Sciessent’s antimicrobial technology can help protect against bacteria growth.

Healthcare-Associated Infections Are Pretty Common

Did you know Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) affect 3% of patients, claim the lives of 75,000 people annually, and cost the healthcare industry billions?
The Affordable Care Act has provisions that penalize hospitals for high infection rates, and as HAIs continue to increase in hospital environments, fueled further by the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting patients and staff is as important as ever. Hospitals are therefore turning to advanced antimicrobial technology to efficiently supplement their current hygienic procedures and reduce the instances of HAIs.

**The use of the Agion Antimicrobial in medical devices is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in the US; medical device claims are based on safety and efficacy testing and are limited to those approved by FDA.

"We chose the Agion Antimicrobial solution first and foremost for its efficacy, which results in extraordinary product protection to those on the front lines of virus response."

- Steve Polston, President, Nonwovens for Foss Performance Materials

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Navigating the Regulatory Approval Process? We Can Help

Agion Medical is a family of antimicrobial formulations, each boasting enhanced benefits across a broad spectrum of medical applications. Not only does Agion prevent the growth and spread of microbes, it is also fully supported by the Sciessent team, who provide exceptional regulatory support to bring your product to market faster.

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Leading Medical Applications

Explore a few of the medical applications we provide customized solutions for and how you can differentiate your product from the competition.

Implantable & Reusable Devices

Implantable & Reusable Devices have improved the lives of countless patients, but unfortunately these devices still pose a risk of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). Hospitals are becoming more and more focused on decreasing the rate of HAIs caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which means many facilities are going beyond disinfection, investing in devices that will actively work to prevent infection-causing microbes. That’s where Sciessent comes in.

Our antimicrobial product can be incorporated into both acute and chronic implantables along with reusable medical devices to prevent the growth and spread of microbes on devices for long-term antimicrobial protection for products.

Medical Tubing

Medical tubing such as catheters, feeding tubes and ventilation devices are life-saving but they’re also notorious for infection. These tubes often harbor dangerous organisms, including superbugs like CRE and MRSA. Microorganisms that reside on healthcare workers or a patient’s skin can easily colonize these devices and cause infection.

In order to combat this growing threat of antibiotic-resistant infections (and the steep financial penalties for high infection rates) healthcare facilities are investing in medical tubing that leverages antimicrobial technologies with proven high-reduction rates for the most concerning strains of bacteria.

Bio Connectors and Adapters

Bio connectors and adaptors are used on everything from vascular access devices to urinary catheters to breathing ventilators. These small, but critical components are handled multiple times a day by healthcare workers and are often overlooked as a source for cross-contamination.
Healthcare facilities are therefore going a step further than simple disinfection to combat the growth of microbes and resistant bacteria. Now, they’re increasingly investing in bio connectors and adaptors that have the built-in means to fight against microbial contamination.

Medical Textiles

With HAIs on the rise combined with the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never been more important to keep medical textiles protected from potentially life-threatening microbes.
From face masks to medical gowns to surgical mesh and more, Agion is proven to inactivate viruses by 99.99%*, providing an enhanced level of antimicrobial product protection for patients and healthcare workers when they need it most.

*Data based on FDA-Cleared Nexera Medical SpectraShield 9500 Respirator Mask (K150729)

And More…

The applications don’t end there. We provide unrivaled customization capabilities along with a suite of formulations designed for enhanced benefits including wound healing, yeast prevention, and longer durability for even the harshest environments.

In addition Sciessent has a long standing history of helping organizations through the regulatory process. We can even create custom testing methods to meet your specific product needs. There’s no medical application too challenging for us to overcome.


Looking for the technical details? Download our product sheet to learn more about Sciessent’s Agion antimicrobial technology and how it can add superior protection to your product.


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Containing A Global Pandemic. At Scale.

We're proud to say, Agion antimicrobial has been proven to inactivate viruses by 99.99%* in just 5 minutes and has been incorporated into millions of life-saving medical masks, such as the Nexera SpectraShield 9500. These critical masks have been delivered to healthcare facilities around the world, helping protect the healthcare industry and slow the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Data based on FDA-Cleared Nexera Medical SpectraShield 9500 Respirator Mask (K150729)

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The Agion® Antimicrobial is presently registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a preservative and bacteriostatic agent for use in treated articles under 40 CFR 152.25a. The information presented herein is not intended to support or endorse public health claims for treated articles. The Agion Antimicrobial is also used in medical devices under the Food and Drug Administration in the US; those medical device claims are based on safety and efficacy testing and are limited to those approved by FDA. In the EU, the Agion Antimicrobial is used in medical devices under the Medical Device Regulations (MDR): those medical device claims are based on safety and efficacy testing and are limited to those approved by the designated Competent Authorities and/or Notified Bodies

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