NOBO™ Anti-Odor

Discover how NOBO™ provides cost-effective and non-biocidal odor protection to everyday products.

Odor control at the cost of an antimicrobial without the biocidal ingredients

Specifically formulated to reduce the buildup and retention of odor in natural and synthetic fabrics, this affordable treatment utilizes mesoporous oxide, a benign, non-biocidal mineral that reaches full compliance for use in the EU. NOBO™ continuously captures, traps, and neutralizes olfactory offenders that build up on natural and synthetic fabrics – for the lifetime of the garment.

Key Features

Explore why NOBOTM is the most effective low-cost odor adsorber, designed to keep your everyday garments smelling fresh.


NOBOTM odor absorber technology regenerates with launderings, providing your products with long-lasting, odor-free performance. NOBO™ can be incorporated into virtually any fabric and is ideal for daily-use garments. Variable application levels can eliminate odor for the life of the garment.


Cost Effective

Specifically formulated to reduce odor in natural and synthetic fabrics, NOBO™ adsorbs compounds responsible for body odor without the use of an antimicrobial – and at or less than the cost of an antimicrobial (per liner yard).


The technology harnesses the power of benign, non-biocidal, highly porous minerals. The complex structure creates a high, active surface area that bonds with odor compounds, readily adsorbing them into the porous surface. Once adsorbed, the odors are washed away in the laundry and the receptor sites regenerate – ready to adsorb new odors.

Environmentally Friendly

NOBOTM is safe on skin and has no negative impact on the environment during wear or laundry process.

Anti-Odor Applications

NOBOTM can be incorporated into a whole host of fabrics and garments from base layer/activewear tops, to socks and underwear, to denim and chinos — giving you an inexpensive way to enhance everyday products and add value for your consumers.

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