From antimicrobial agents to anti-odor solutions to water repellents, Sciessent offers customized solutions to solve your product needs while delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

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At Sciessent, we believe in more than a one-size fits all solution. We provide customized water repellent, anti-odor, and antimicrobial products that achieve our clients goals while providing an unrivaled level of knowledge and support to ensure their success.

Did we also mention our products:

  • Have 100+ wash durability
  • Utilize a regenerating odor capture design
  • Feature rapid biodegradability
  • Inactivate viruses by 99.99% within 5 minutes*
  • Kill 99.99% of Bacteria
*Data based on FDA-Cleared Nexera Medical SpectraShield 9500 Respirator Mask (K150729)


Our Products

  • Antimicrobial Agent
  • Medical Antimicrobial Agents
  • Antimicrobial and Anti-Odor Solution
  • Anti-Odor Solution
  • Regenerating Anti-Odor Solution
  • Water Repellent Solution


Agion® is the smartest antimicrobial product in the industry. With smart-release technology, it keeps products clean while delivering the longest lasting protection by only activating when microbes are present. Agion can be built-in or applied to virtually any
material or surface.

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Agion® Medical

With all the benefits of our original Agion Antimicrobial, Agion Medical is a suite of antimicrobial formulations specifically designed for medical applications. Featuring enhanced benefits including wound healing, yeast prevention, longer-lasting durability, and more, each formulation is also 100% customizable and is proven to inactivate viruses by 99.99%* in just 5 minutes*

*Refers to FDA-Cleared Nexera Medical SpectraShield 9500 Respirator Mask
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Active XL®

Agion Active XL is a next-generation anti-odor finish applied to various textile and apparel products. Leveraging both Agion Antimicrobial and Sciessent Lava XL technologies, it provides protection from odor causing microbes, delivering unparalleled, long-lasting freshness

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When incorporated into a product that is frequently exposed to or may harbor odors, Sciessent Lava performs an essential function. Harnessing the power of zeolites (based on naturally occurring minerals found in volcanic rock), Sciessent Lava can capture odor on everything from sweat soaked apparel and pet products to home textiles – and beyond

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Lava XL®

Sciessent Lava XL is the only odor absorber with the ability to self-regenerate between launderings. Sciessent Lava XL provides superior, lasting performance against body odors making it an ideal solution for the most challenging textile and apparel applications

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Sciessent Curb durable water repellent (DWR) is a functional finish that adds liquid-shedding properties to fabrics, causing liquid droplets to bead and roll off the surface of your products. Curb is completely fluorine-free and can be combined with odor control and antimicrobial technologies for ultimate protection

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Customer Experience Guarantee

We guarantee our global support team will provide unrivaled technical and customer support at every level of your organization, ensuring a worry-free transition. It’s not customer service, it’s a customer experience.

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We Need Help in Central America!

We received a late night phone call from a customer in Central America who was experiencing a production issue, and although it was immediately clear it was not an issue with our technology, we still wanted to help in any way we could! So what did we do? We immediately jumped on a plane traveling overseas at our own expense to help solve the problem.

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