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Sciessent can help you deliver the best beverages and meet certification standards with our antimicrobial technology.

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In beverage systems, sediment pre-filters, carbon filters and tubing can quickly become contaminated with bacteria and biofilm, eventually restricting the flow and increasing pressure drop, which increases maintenance costs. Often, the concentration of bacteria is higher when leaving the filter than entering, affecting taste or sloughing into the beverage. Eventually, the filter will need to be replaced and the process starts over again.

Sciessent’s antimicrobial products have quickly become the most trusted technology in the beverage industry. Our products can be incorporated into the filters and tubing to inhibit the growth of microbes so your beverages can meet industry and customer standards.

water-repellent Beverage Systems

Beverage System Solutions

Give your customers the products they need to meet certification standards with Sciessent’s antimicrobial technology.

Antimicrobial Antimicrobial Solutions


Sciessent’s antimicrobial technology gives your beverage systems the built-in protection they need to resist the growth of microbes that form during the filtering and dispensing process. Our smart material, Agion, can be added to prefilters, dispensing heads, splash guards and beverage line tubing to ensure your beverage system meets certification bacteriostatic certification standards.

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Even More Applications

We do more than beverage systems. Sciessent’s antimicrobial technology works to protect all your products.

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We guarantee our global support team will provide unrivaled technical and customer support at every level of your organization, ensuring a worry-free transition. It’s not customer service, it’s a customer experience.

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A Seamless Transition

A new customer was transitioning to our technology, but had one issue. They had an astonishing 38 supply chain vendors that needed to be qualified and only had 60 days to get it done. The pressure was on! Qualifying vendors is not easy. It requires multiple trips to each of their facilities and multiple rounds of testing. We weren’t going to let them down!

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