Sciessent Enhances Product Delivery to Chinese Markets

June 12, 2019

Wakefield, MA — (January 18, 2018) Sciessent, LLC. is pleased to announce a partnership with Canal Co., Ltd. The partnership will allow Sciessent to improve distribution of its apparel and odor control products to competitive Chinese markets. Canal is a leading distributor in the global market space and specializes in a variety of products including textiles, food and pharmaceuticals, and construction materials.

“Our partnership with Canal represents an important step in the growth of our company,” said Paul Ford, Chief Executive Officer. “As demand has significantly increased for our products, we wanted to take proactive steps to improve our distribution in the Chinese market. Delivering high quality product on-time has always been a primary focus for our company, and will always be our commitment to our brand partners.” “Expansion into the global marketplace allows us to deliver our products to our brand partners when they need it, ensuring that they provide quality service to every consumer.”