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Sciessent Launches Fluorocarbon-Free CURB Durable Water Repellent

Posted by Administrator on Feb 13 2016



Sciessent, the leading provider of antimicrobial and odor adsorption solutions for the textile and apparel industries, is proud to announce the release of CURB™ a new, fluorocarbon-free durable water repellent (DWR) fabric finish.

Able to easily, effectively, and affordably provide enhanced, breathable protection from rain and moisture, CURB™ delivers the same water repellent performance as existing technologies without the use of harmful fluorocarbons.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our CURB™ technology. We feel it is important to offer our partners a product that delivers performance while also limiting the use of harmful chemicals,” said Paul Ford, Chief Executive Officer for Sciessent. “Helping protect the environment is everyone’s responsibility and we’re happy to contribute where we can.”

Similar to other DWR treatments, CURB™ gives textiles a functional finish that adds liquid-shedding properties to outerwear, causing droplets to bead and roll off the surface while maintaining permeability to air and water vapor. CURB treated garments stay dry longer and get dry faster than untreated garments helping to extend the life of the garment.

CURB™ is also compatible with Sciessent’s Agion Active® XL and Lava™ XL, two of the brand’s recently launched odor control technologies.

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