Developing a Patent-Pending Process

Thinking outside the box to solve our clients odor challenges.

Our customer had a problem. Their sock product line used an alternative antimicrobial for odor control, and they couldn’t consistently pass the AATCC 100 antimicrobial test!

After looking at a few alternative solutions with no progress being made, they came to us with their problem. Our technical team leapt at the challenge. The customer could not determine the root cause of the issue, but after some work in our lab, we determined that the sulfur content on the socks was impacting the antimicrobial performance.

Fortunately, our team was able to develop a now patented process to overcome the presence of sulfur and apply our Agion® antimicrobial effectively. After implementation of our process and technology, the customer began seeing passing results on all their tests and were able to deliver on their promise of odor control to their customers.

This is what makes Sciessent different. Customer service is not just order taking. We take pride in serving the customer beyond expectation. An expectation that has been set by the industry that you can only do so much for the customer before it isn’t worth it anymore. We believe helping a customer is not an expense, it is a commitment. It is our commitment that we will continue to honor.