Sciessent Launches Agion Active XL™ and Lava XL™ Technologies For Next Generation Odor Control

October 9, 2015

Wakefield, Mass. (October 8, 2015) – Sciessent, the leading provider of antimicrobial and odor absorption solutions for the textile and apparel industries, is proud to announce the release of its next generation odor control products, Agion Active XL and Lava XL. While other odor control technologies rely on laundering to regenerate their odor fighting properties, Agion Active XL and Lava XL self-regenerate between launderings for longer-lasting odor control.

Building on the original Agion Active and Lava products, the XL technologies are designed to provide longer-lasting, self-regenerating odor control. This provides optimal performance for some of the most challenging applications, capturing body odor on everything from sweat-soaked apparel to hunting gear and more.

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of the new Agion Active XL and Lava XL technologies to the public and, most importantly, to our current and future brand partners,” said Steven Cunningham, Director of Marketing for Sciessent. “These technologies add superior performance, value, and differentiation to products and we are excited about expanding to new markets with these exceptional offerings.”

Sciessent Lava XL, a standalone odor adsorption product and key component of Agion Active XL, goes beyond just attracting and adsorbing odors, it actually degrades them. This keeps Lava XL from becoming saturated with odor molecules, allowing it to perform longer while products are in use.

Agion Active XL combines the original Agion Antimicrobial with Lava XL Odor Absorber to create a comprehensive, long-lasting odor control solution, protecting apparel from common odors caused by bacteria and sweat. By reducing odor-causing microbes, absorbing odors, and self-regenerating between washings, Agion Active XL provides the best odor fighting action available.

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About Sciessent LLC
Sciessent is a leading provider of customized antimicrobial solutions that enhance the value of customers’ products. Agion® antimicrobial solutions from Sciessent have been incorporated into a wide range of healthcare, industrial, and consumer applications, including medical devices such as central-venous catheters and IV-access ports, drinking-water applications like water filters and ice-making equipment, and textiles and apparel. The company’s brands include Agion, Agion Active, Agion Active XL, Lava and Lava XL and are based on naturally occurring elements. Sciessent customers include leading international brands including Vygon, Medegen, Scotsman, Everpure, Follett, Honeywell, 10X, REI, Drake Waterfowl, Adidas, Reebok, and Skechers.