Agion® Medical Antimicrobial

Discover how Agion is protecting the medical industry with the longest lasting defense against microbes and customized solutions to fit your specific product needs.

The Smartest Antimicrobial for Medical. Period.

Hands down, Agion is the “smartest” antimicrobial in the industry, only activating when it needs to defend against microbes. This innovative approach provides the longest lasting line of antimicrobial defense for medical professionals and patients alike.

Did we also mention our formulations are completely customizable and our team has an extensive history of helping clients streamline their regulatory approvals to bring their products to market faster?

Agion Medical Formulations

Agion Ag

Agion Ag offers the highest silver ion loading for challenging environments and a well-established regulatory pathway for silver antimicrobials.

Agion Lg

Agion Lg offers the largest reservoir with the highest silver loading in the industry, designed for demanding performance requirements and long-term efficacy needs.

Agion Cu

Agion Cu is a mixture of silver and copper ions.  These ions have a synergistic antimicrobial effect in challenging environments and against certain microorganisms. It provides better performance against viruses* and yeast prevention (Candida).

*Data based on FDA-Cleared Nexera Medical SpectraShield 9500 Respirator Mask (K150729)

Agion 3x

Agion 3X is a unique mixture of metal ions consisting of silver, copper and zinc. Collectively these ions have a synergistic effect providing antimicrobial performance in challenging environments combined with the beneficial properties of zinc.

Agion Zn

Agion Zn is a mixture of silver and zinc ions that brings together powerful silver antimicrobial performance with all the beneficial properties of zinc which based on recent topical application data has shown to promote wound healing.

"We chose the Agion Antimicrobial solution first and foremost for its efficacy, which results in extraordinary protection to those on the front lines of virus response."

- Steve Polston, President, Nonwovens for Foss Performance Materials

Product Features

Smart Release Technology

Our smart release technology enables Agion to release its antimicrobial properties only when microbes are present, inhibiting the growth and colonization of microorganisms on the device for longer lasting protection.

Product Customization Capabilities

Each of our Agion formulations have their own enhanced benefits including wound healing, yeast prevention, greater durability and more, however Agion is 100% customizable to meet your specific application needs.

Regulatory Guidance and Support

Sciessent has a deep history of helping its clients navigate the regulatory approval process. We have the experience necessary to help with the required documentation needed to ensure a smooth and expedited approval.

Advanced Laboratory Testing

Sciessent offers advanced lab testing to satisfy all testing needs for our clients. Additionally, we can develop custom testing methods for our clients to help navigate regulations and subsequent approvals.