Lava XL


Sciessent Lava XL is the next generation of odor control. Building on the foundation of our original Lava technology, Lava XL provides unmatched odor control performance. Advanced control leads to superior, differentiated products.


Features of LAVA XL



Built for the most challenging conditions, Sciessent Lava XL is the only odor control solution that regenerates between launderings. This provides products with long-lasting, odor-free performance - unmatched by any other technology on the market.

Advanced Triple-Action Odor Control

Simply capturing odors isn’t the best solution for every product. Sciessent Lava XL takes odor control one step further by not just adsorbing odors, but also degrading them. This allows the Lava XL to avoid saturation and perform longer while products are in use.


Use Alone or With an Antimicrobial

Similar to the original Lava technology, Sciessent Lava XL is a standalone product, and incorporate antimicrobial agents. Lava XL can be combined with Agion Antimicrobial technology to create a comprehensive odor control solution.



bluesign® approved and ECO PASSPORT certified


The LAVA XL Technology

Odor Absorbsion

Odor Adsorber

Anti-odor technology harnesses the power of zeolites – a mineral based substance born from volcanic ash – to capture odor molecules and keep you smelling fresh.