Durable Water Repellent


A durable water repellent (DWR) is a functional finish for fabrics, which adds water-shedding properties to existing products. Garments treated with a DWR bead water droplets and force water to roll off the surface of the fabric.

Types of DWR Solutions


Fluorine-free DWR solutions are the future of water-repellency in the textile industry. These solutions contain no fluorochemicals, making them ultimate environmentally-friendly solutions for garments requiring water repellency.


This solution is a chemical compound made up of carbon and fluorine atoms. These atoms form a long chain (C8), which helps repel water and oil from fabrics. Due to concerns from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on fluorochemicals, mostly concerning toxicity and human contact, textile manufactures have moved away from incorporating this technology in their garments. Sciessent does not offer C8 DWRs.


This solution, like the C8 solution, contains fluorocarbons. The fundamental difference between the C6 solutions and C8 is that the C6 solution contains less fluorochemicals, reducing the hazardous risk. Sciessent does not offer C6 DWRs.


How it Works

When a DWR coating is applied to a surface, it increases the liquid contact angle of the garment. This “suspends” the liquids, forming them into round droplets. The round shape limits the amount of surface area the droplet comes in contact with, allowing the droplet to bead and roll off the surface easily.

What This Means

Fabrics treated with a durable water repellent are protected from virtually all liquid and water spills. The Fluorine-free solution is designed only for water repellency. As the droplets make contact with the surface of fabrics, they bead and roll off - this keeps wearers dry, even in some of the most challenging conditions.

Durable Water Repellent Products

Sciessent Curb

The Sciessent Curb durable water repellent (DWR) is a functional finish that adds liquid-shedding properties to fabrics, causing liquid droplets to bead and roll off the surface of your products. Curb is completely fluorine-free and can be combined with odor control and antimicrobial technologies for ultimate protection.