Hunting Apparel

Sciessent’s advanced technology can keep your hunting garments protected from the elements and help neutralize your scent.

Mask Your Scent and Go Undetected

A hunter’s ability to mask their scent and withstand the elements plays a crucial part in their success. As a hunting gear manufacturer, it’s your job to provide hunters with the products that help them stay dry and undetected by animals such as deer. A deer’s sense of smell is so acute, a slight change in the direction of the wind could expose the hunter and scare away the prey.

Sciessent’s anti-odor, antimicrobial, and water repellent products have quickly become the most trusted apparel technology in the hunting industry. Our products inhibit the growth of odor-causing microbes, repel water, and provide odor capture functionality. Sciessent’s odor-control products even go a step further to self-regenerate so they can continue to be effective without washing the garment, giving your customer lasting scent control.

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Hunting Solutions

Give your customers the products they need to mask their scent with Sciessent’s powerful anti-odor and water repellent technology.

Antimicrobial Antimicrobial Solutions


Sciessent’s antimicrobial technology gives your hunting gear the built-in protection it needs to resist the growth of odor-causing bacteria that form with repeated exposure to the elements. Our smart material, Agion, releases its antimicrobial properties whenever microbes are present, controlling odor at the source for a successful hunt.

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antiodor Anti-Odor Solutions


Take hunting gear protection to the next level with Sciessent’s anti-odor technologies. Our Lava and Lava XL® odor absorbers not only attract, absorb, and degrade odor compounds, but they also have the ability to self-regenerate between launderings. Agion Active XL’s combined anti-odor and antimicrobial technology protects your hunting apparel from bacteria and eliminates odor molecules as they are captured.


Agion ActiveX2

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water-repellent Water Repellent Solutions

Water Repellent

Curb® is a fluorine-free durable water repellent (DWR) that helps hunting gear stay dry and last longer. Rain or shine, our biodegradable product will help your customers rest easy knowing their hunting gear will protect them in any weather. Combine Curb with Sciessent’s antimicrobial and anti-odor products for ultimate protection.

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Anti-pilling technology is used across a wide range of fabrics enhancing the quality and longevity of your garments. It provides greater stability and resistance against fiber-to-fiber abrasion.


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“Our products demand the highest level of odor control on the market. Agion Active XL delivers the performance and durability that our customers demand, while being backed by unmatched technical support”

– Jeff Jones, Drake Waterfowl

Even More Applications

We do more than hunting gear. Sciessent’s line of antimicrobial, anti-odor and water repellent technologies work to protect all your products.

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Developing Patent-Pending Process

With their sock product failing the AATCC 100 antimicrobial test, our customer knew they had an issue with their alternative antimicrobial solution, so they came to us for help! We leapt at the challenge, and uncovered the issue was due to sulfur impacting the antimicrobial performance. There was only one thing to do, develop a patented process to overcome the sulfur.

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