Socks and Intimates

Keep your customers feeling fresh during any activity by equipping your socks and intimates with Sciessent’s antimicrobial and anti-odor technology.

Bacteria and Odor-Free Protection for Your Products

Socks and intimates, like any other article of clothing, can collect the bacteria on your skin when sweat is present. This transfer of bacteria creates unpleasant odors that bother your consumers. As an underwear manufacturer, it’s critical to combat the growth of odor-causing bacteria so your customers can be happy and odor-free and continue buying your products for years to come.

That’s where Sciessent comes in. Our antimicrobial material combats odor-causing bacteria and leaves no resistant strains behind so your customers can rest easy knowing their socks and intimates are bacteria- and odor-free. Sciessent’s range of antimicrobial and anti-odor products can help you create a product your customers love and buy year after year.

Socks and Intimates

Socks/Intimates Solutions

Combine the power of Sciessent’s antimicrobial and anti-odor products so your customers can enjoy fresh, odor-free socks and intimates every day.

Antimicrobial Antimicrobial Solutions


Sciessent’s antimicrobial technology gives your socks and intimates the built-in protection they need to resist the growth of microbes and give your products the performance that your customers expect. Our smart material, Agion®, releases its antimicrobial properties whenever microbes are present, extending the life of your socks and intimates.

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antiodor Anti-Odor Solutions


Add extra protection to your socks and intimates with Sciessent’s anti-odor technology. Agion Active XL’s combined anti-odor and antimicrobial technology protects your socks and intimates from bacteria and eliminates odor molecules as they are captured. Lava and Lava XL captures odor compounds with each wear and regenerates with laundering to keep your socks and intimates odor-free all day long.


Agion ActiveX2

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water-repellent Water Repellent Solutions

Water Repellent

Add a water repellent coating to your footwear so liquid rolls off the surface. Curb® is fluorine-free and biodegradable so your customers can go for a run knowing their footwear will stay dry without harming the environment. Combine Curb® with Sciessent’s antimicrobial and anti-odor products for ultimate protection.

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Anti-pilling technology is used across a wide range of fabrics enhancing the quality and longevity of your garments. It provides greater stability and resistance against fiber-to-fiber abrasion.


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“The team at Sciessent continuously provides our supply chain with outstanding technical support. The team goes above and beyond to service us.”

- VP, Leading Specialty Sock Producer

Even More Applications

We do more than socks and intimates. Sciessent’s line of antimicrobial, anti-odor and water repellent technologies work to protect all your products.

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We guarantee our global support team will provide unrivaled technical and customer support at every level of your organization, ensuring a worry-free transition. It’s not customer service, it’s a customer experience.

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Developing Patent-Pending Process

With their sock product failing the AATCC 100 antimicrobial test, our customer knew they had an issue with their alternative antimicrobial solution, so they came to us for help! We leapt at the challenge, and uncovered the issue was due to sulfur impacting the antimicrobial performance. There was only one thing to do, develop a patented process to overcome the sulfur.

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