Sciessent Continues Commitment to Sustainability with Renewal of Carbon Offsets through BEF

May 16, 2022

Beverly, MA – (May 16, 2022) – Today, Sciessent announced the renewal of 400 metric tons of verified carbon offsets from Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to continue balancing greenhouse gas emissions produced by company operations. This investment ensures the continued mitigation of impacts on the environment by supporting green initiatives aligned with the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement.

The renewal comes two years after Sciessent discovered it had produced 355 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (MT CO2e), with the highest emission areas in shipping, electricity, and travel.

As a nonprofit provider of carbon offsets, a portion of earned revenue from offsets supports BEF’s many mission-based programs. By selecting a “stacked offset”, Sciessent and other BEF partners designate which specific program(s) a portion of the revenue will go toward – stacking the benefits of carbon offsetting with positive program impacts.

This investment ensures the continued mitigation of impacts on the environment by supporting green initiatives...

The carbon offset Sciessent purchased combines a third party verified, tracked, and registered carbon offset from a renewable wind energy project in eastern Asia with a contribution towards the West Coast Tree Planting Fund. Tree planting is a vital strategy to help reduce global carbon emissions, but as trees take years to grow to their full potential, this carbon offset ensures a reduction in carbon now through the wind energy project as well as future reduction through tree planting.

“Since our founding, Sciessent has always prioritized environmental safety when developing new chemistries,” said Sciessent CEO, Paul C. Ford. “Once we realized the impact of our carbon footprint in 2019, we explored options to mitigate it with BEF. Through their stacked carbon offsets, we have and will continue to successfully offset our estimated carbon footprint by contributing to various worthwhile environmental projects and causes.”

Sciessent offset 400 metric tons of CO2e, which is equivalent to CO2 emissions from 442,564 pounds of coal burned.

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