Lava® Odor Protection

Discover how Sciessent Lava provides all-day anti-odor protection and regenerates its defenses during each laundering for a durable anti-odor solution that lasts for years.

Harnessing the Power of Volcanoes for Unrivaled Odor Protection

Sciessent Lava anti-odor technology leverages the power of zeolites – a naturally-based mineral borne from volcanic ash. Zeolites can be incorporated into a wide variety of materials and help fight the battle against odors by attracting, absorbing, and capturing odors.

“Our products demand the highest level of odor control on the market. Agion Active XL delivers the performance and durability that our customers demand, while being backed by unmatched technical support”

– Jeff Jones, Drake Waterfowl

Key Features

Explore why Sciessent Lava is the industry leading odor solution designed for superior protection against offensive odors, keeping your textile and apparel products smelling fresh while on-the-go.

Regeneration Technology

Sciessent Lava releases the odors it has captured throughout the day and regenerates it’s odor protection with each wash for lasting odor protection.

Superior Odor Protection

Sciessent Lava keeps garments and other products fresh by detecting and trapping odors as they arise, and can do so for a wide range of products.

Optional Antimicrobial Integration

Sciessent Lava is a standalone odor control product, and does not feature an antimicrobial agent. However, it can be combined with Agion Antimicrobial to create a dual-action odor control solution.

Bluesign Approved

Sciessent Lava meets the strict ecological and toxicological requirements of the bluesign criteria. Properly applied they allow the production of bluesign® approved textiles and accessories with a minimum impact on people and the environment.


Whether it’s footwear, hunting apparel, active wear, or even pet products, Sciessent Lava has the power to keep all of your textile and apparel products smelling fresh no matter what the day throws at your customers.

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A Seamless Transition

A new customer was transitioning to our technology, but had one issue. They had an astonishing 38 supply chain vendors that needed to be qualified and only had 60 days to get it done. The pressure was on! Qualifying vendors is not easy. It requires multiple trips to each of their facilities and multiple rounds of testing. We weren’t going to let them down!

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