Lava XL® Anti-Odor Technology

Discover the next generation of anti-odor technology. Sciessent Lava XL anti-odor solution provides all the benefits of our original Lava product with an even greater level of odor protection.

Self-Regenerating Anti-Odor Protection

Building on the foundation of our original Lava technology, Lava XL provides unmatched anti-odor performance. While other anti-odor technologies rely on laundering to regenerate, Lava XL self-regenerates, resulting in optimal performance in even the most challenging applications.

“We’ve looked at all the technologies on the market, and Sciessent continuously outperformed them. The value their technologies have added to our products has helped us grow tremendously. They have been a valued partner, and will be for many more years.”

- Josh Vandernoot, Owner of Cosmo Fabrics

Key Features

Explore why Lava XL is the most advanced anti-odor technology in the industry, designed to keep your products smelling clean for longer.

Triple Action Odor Technology

Simply capturing odors isn’t the best solution for every product. Sciessent Lava XL takes odor control one step further by not just absorbing odors, but also degrading them. This allows the Lava XL to avoid saturation and perform longer.

Self-Regeneration Technology

Built for the most challenging conditions, Sciessent Lava XL is the only anti-odor solution that regenerates between launderings. This provides products with long-lasting, odor-free performance – unmatched by any other technology on the market.

Optional Antimicrobial Integration

Similar to the original Lava technology, Sciessent Lava XL is a standalone product, and does not incorporate antimicrobial agents. However, Lava XL can be combined with Agion Antimicrobial technology to create a comprehensive anti-odor solution.

Bluesign Approved

Sciessent Lava XL meets the strict ecological and toxicological requirements of the bluesign criteria. Properly applied, they allow the production of bluesign® approved textiles and accessories with a minimum impact on people and the environment.


Looking to add odor protection to your product? From footwear to intimates to even pet products, Lava XL has the power to keep all of your textile and apparel products smelling fresh no matter what the day throws at your customers.

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Developing Patent-Pending Process

With their sock product failing the AATCC 100 antimicrobial test, our customer knew they had an issue with their alternative antimicrobial solution, so they came to us for help! We leapt at the challenge, and uncovered the issue was due to sulfur impacting the antimicrobial performance. There was only one thing to do, develop a patented process to overcome the sulfur.

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