Bio Connectors and Adapters

Sciessent keeps your bio connectors and adaptors clean with built-in antimicrobial protection.

Avoiding Cross Contamination

Bio connectors and adaptors are used on everything from vascular access devices to urinary catheters to breathing ventilators. These small, but critical components are handled multiple times a day by healthcare workers and are often overlooked as a source for cross-contamination.

To combat the growth of microbes and resistant bacteria, healthcare facilities are going a step further than simple disinfection. Now, they’re increasingly investing in bio connectors and adaptors that have the built-in means to fight against microbial contamination such as Sciessent’s Agion Antimicrobial technology.

medical Bio Connectors and Adaptors

Bio Connector and Adaptor Solutions

Protect against contamination and financial penalties with Sciessent’s smart antimicrobial technology.

Antimicrobial Antimicrobial Solutions


Sciessent’s antimicrobial technology gives your bio connectors and adaptors the built-in protection they need to prevent the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Lab tests have proven Agion to be effective against some of the most dangerous bacteria responsible for infections in healthcare facilities. Use Agion on your bio connectors and adaptors in a surface coating or incorporate it directly into the material itself to offer lasting product protection.

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Even More Applications

We protect more than bio connectors and adaptors. Sciessent’s line of medical-grade antimicrobial technologies works to protect all your products.

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We guarantee our global support team will provide unrivaled technical and customer support at every level of your organization, ensuring a worry-free transition. It’s not customer service, it’s a customer experience.

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A Seamless Transition

A new customer was transitioning to our technology, but had one issue. They had an astonishing 38 supply chain vendors that needed to be qualified and only had 60 days to get it done. The pressure was on! Qualifying vendors is not easy. It requires multiple trips to each of their facilities and multiple rounds of testing. We weren’t going to let them down!

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