Implantable Medical Devices

When it comes to putting foreign objects in the body, there’s nothing more important than ensuring the implantable devices are clean and safe for the patient. Keep the surface of these devices cleaner with Sciessent.

Helping to Protect Against HAIs

Implantable medical devices have improved the lives of patients, but introducing a foreign material into the body still increases the risk of infection. Hospitals are becoming more and more focused on decreasing the rate of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which means many healthcare facilities are going beyond disinfection – they’re investing in implantable devices that will actively work to resist infection-causing microbes.

That’s where Sciessent comes in. Our antimicrobial product can be incorporated into implantable medical devices to prevent the growth and spread of microbes on device surfaces, thereby reducing the risk to patients and healthcare facilities from dangerous infections.

medical Implantable Medical Devices

Implantable Medical Device Solutions

Sciessent’s antimicrobial technology helps to protect life-saving devices, saving hospitals and patients time and money by reducing HAIs.

Antimicrobial Antimicrobial Solutions


Sciessent’s smart technology, Agion Antimicrobial, is designed to release its antimicrobial components only when conditions for microbial growth are present, providing long-lasting protection of your implanted medical device. In lab studies, Agion has proved highly effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, giving your customers the built-in protection they need to save lives.

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“We’ve looked at all the technologies on the market, and Sciessent continuously outperformed them. The value their technologies have added to our products has helped us grow tremendously. They have been a valued partner, and will be for many more years.”

- Josh Vandernoot, Owner of Cosmo Fabrics

Even More Applications

We protect more than implantable medical devices. Sciessent’s line of medical grade antimicrobial technologies works to protect all your products.

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Customer Experience Guarantee

We guarantee our global support team will provide unrivaled technical and customer support at every level of your organization, ensuring a worry-free transition. It’s not customer service, it’s a customer experience.

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We Need Help in Central America!

We received a late night phone call from a customer in Central America who was experiencing a production issue, and although it was immediately clear it was not an issue with our technology, we still wanted to help in any way we could! So what did we do? We immediately jumped on a plane traveling overseas at our own expense to help solve the problem.

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